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Top 9 Best Emergency Vets in Anaheim, CA

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Best Emergency Vets in Anaheim

Are you looking for an emergency vet in Anaheim? In this article, you’ll find the top 9 best emergency vets in Anaheim, each a lifeline for your cherished pet during urgent situations. These clinics are not just healthcare centers but safe havens where experienced veterinarians use advanced medical technology to provide swift, compassionate care.

With 24/7 availability, they ensure that help is always available, regardless of the hour. From routine emergencies to critical care, these top-rated facilities guard your pet’s health, offering peace of mind and expert treatment when it matters most. Get ready to uncover the best options for your pet’s emergency needs right here.

1. University Veterinary Center

Address: 1716 Glenoaks Ave, Anaheim, CA
Phone: +1 714-551-9911

The University Veterinary Center, led by the esteemed Dr. Ash and Dr. Hernandez, epitomizes excellence in veterinary care. Renowned for its affordable services and unparalleled medical expertise, the clinic stands out for its empathetic, personalized approach to pet healthcare. Clients consistently applaud the clinic’s ability to diagnose and treat complex cases professionally and compassionately.

The center’s clean, welcoming environment is a hallmark of the center, complete with thoughtful touches like personalized welcome messages for pets. This attention to detail extends to the patient care the staff provides, who are celebrated for their kindness and thoroughness. Notably, the clinic prioritizes the well-being of pets over unnecessary procedures, ensuring both pets and their owners receive the most appropriate care.

The University Veterinary Center is more than just a clinic; it’s a haven for needy pets where medical excellence meets heartfelt care. It’s a top choice for pet owners who value expert care, genuine compassion, and a supportive community.


  • Expert Medical Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Personalized and Compassionate Care
  • Clean and Welcoming Facility
  • Emergency and Urgent Care
  • Thorough Explanations and Client Education


2. Anaheim Animal Care & Pet Hospital

Address: 1177 N Magnolia Ave, Anaheim, CA
Phone: +1 714-527-9292

Anaheim Animal Care & Pet Hospital stands out as a full-service veterinary clinic. It is deeply appreciated for its comprehensive services, from wellness checks and immunizations to dental care and emergency treatments. The hospital’s dedication to pet welfare is evident in each animal’s personalized care and detailed follow-ups.

However, it’s noteworthy that the hospital has faced some critique regarding its appointment policies and aspects of customer service, indicating areas for potential improvement. Despite this, the overall impression is that it is a trustworthy and reliable facility where pets are treated with the utmost care and professionalism. Anaheim Animal Care & Pet Hospital’s blend of skilled veterinary services and a caring approach remains a valuable resource for pet owners seeking quality medical attention for their beloved animals.


  • Comprehensive Veterinary Care
  • Dental Treatments
  • Emergency Services
  • Personalized Pet Care
  • Diagnostic Services


3. Anchor Animal Hospital

Address: 1119 W Lincoln Ave, Anaheim, CA
Phone: +1 714-635-7762

Anchor Animal Hospital is a noteworthy veterinary facility known for its affordable and compassionate care. While it faces challenges with long wait times, these are often a testament to the thorough and attentive treatment each pet receives. The hospital, particularly highlighted for the expertise of Dr. Kim, is commended for its professionalism and genuine concern for animal welfare. Clients frequently note the cost-effective services, offering significant savings compared to other clinics, without compromising quality.

The staff’s welcoming demeanour and readiness to handle emergencies enhance the hospital’s reputation. Despite some operational hiccups, Anchor Animal Hospital’s commitment to providing both routine and critical care, emphasizing empathy and detailed communication, positions it as a valuable and trusted resource for pet owners in the community.


  • Comprehensive Veterinary Care
  • Dental Services
  • Emergency Services
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Compassionate End-of-Life Care


4. Cottage Pet Hospital

Address: 900 E Broadway, Anaheim, CA
Phone: +1 714-535-6714

Cottage Pet Hospital, a long-standing pillar in Orange County since 1941, exemplifies dedicated and compassionate veterinary care. With a team led by esteemed veterinarians like Dr Sahai and Dr Gallo, this facility offers a comprehensive range of services, from advanced surgical procedures to routine check-ups, catering exceptionally well to senior pets. The hospital is renowned for its professional staff, who provide personalized care, ensuring that each pet receives the best possible treatment.

One of the hospital’s notable strengths is its effective communication, offering clarity in treatment options and transparent billing. Despite some concerns about pricing, the hospital’s willingness to address and resolve issues reflects its commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Cottage Pet Hospital stands out for its blend of professional expertise and genuine care, making it a trusted choice for pet owners. It’s not just a medical facility but a place where pets are treated as valued family members, highlighting its importance in the community as a reliable and caring veterinary service provider.


  • Advanced Surgical Procedures
  • Dental Care for Pets
  • Comprehensive Emergency Care
  • Senior Pet Care
  • Multilingual Communication


5. Brookhurst Animal Medical Center

Address: 1301 S Brookhurst St, Anaheim, CA
Phone: +1 714-776-7387

Under Dr. Lopez’s expert guidance, Brookhurst Animal Medical Center stands out as a remarkable veterinary facility. Renowned for their prompt response to emergencies, they demonstrate a deep commitment to animal welfare, even during challenging times. Dr. Lopez’s expertise in handling complex surgeries, like tumour removals, is commendable. It showcases not just his medical proficiency but also his ability to clearly and honestly communicate with pet owners, offering reassurance and clarity.

This center’s versatility in treating various animals sets it apart, reflecting Dr. Lopez’s extensive experience and adaptability. His approach to veterinary care is about treating illnesses, preventative care, and overall well-being. The staff’s kindness and professionalism in every interaction and ability to handle both routine and emergency cases make Brookhurst Animal Medical Center a highly recommended choice for pet owners seeking compassionate, skilled, and comprehensive veterinary care.


  • Emergency Veterinary Services
  • Complex Surgical Procedures
  • Expertise in Treating a Variety of Animals
  • Comprehensive Diagnostic and Medical Care
  • Preventative Care and Wellness


6. VCA Yorba Regional Animal Hospital

Address: 8290 E Crystal Dr, Anaheim, CA
Phone: +1 714-921-8700

VCA Yorba Regional Animal Hospital exemplifies compassionate and proficient veterinary care, particularly in times of crisis. The facility’s exceptional service shines through in handling various pet emergencies, from minor injuries to the emotional process of euthanasia. The staff, including Dr. Forsberg, are praised for their knowledge, empathy, and clear communication, ensuring pet owners are well-informed and comforted.

Moreover, the hospital’s approach to billing is transparent and reasonable, adding to the overall positive experience for pet owners. The hospital’s dedication is further highlighted by its commitment to providing personalized care and attention to each pet, regardless of the situation. While there are areas for improvement, the overwhelming feedback points to a facility deeply committed to the well-being of pets and their families, making it a reliable choice for those seeking quality veterinary care.


  • Emergency Veterinary Care
  • Euthanasia Services
  • Comprehensive Diagnostics
  • Personalized Treatment Plans
  • Follow-Up Care and Communication


7. La Palma Veterinary Hospital

Address: 1715 W La Palma Ave, Anaheim, CA
Phone: +1 714-535-1141

La Palma Veterinary Hospital shines as a beacon of exemplary veterinary care, known for its welcoming atmosphere and professional, compassionate staff. The clean and friendly environment immediately puts pets and their owners at ease. What sets this hospital apart is its team of veterinarians, who are skilled, genuinely caring, and respectful. They prioritize the well-being of the animals, offering fair and transparent treatment options at affordable prices.

The hospital excels in routine and emergency care, ensuring each pet receives the best possible attention. Trust is at the core of their service, focusing on building lasting relationships with pet owners. La Palma Veterinary Hospital’s commitment to quality care and its ability to create a safe, reassuring space for pets makes it an outstanding choice for healthcare needs.


  • Emergency and Urgent Care
  • Routine Check-ups and Preventive Care
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Dental Care
  • Senior Pet Care


8. Family Pet Clinic

Address: 5557 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd #103, Anaheim, CA
Phone: +1 714-282-1111

Family Pet Clinic, led by the commendable Dr. Lee, shines as a haven for pet healthcare. His profound knowledge and compassionate approach are central to the clinic’s success, especially in complex cases like elderly pets with dental issues or cats with chronic ailments. The clinic’s philosophy extends beyond mere treatment; it’s about nurturing a deeper connection with pets and their owners. They excel in providing personalized care, ensuring each treatment plan is tailored to the pet’s needs, and offering comprehensive post-procedure guidance.

This is evident in their emergency response capabilities, adeptly handling cases quickly and efficiently. The blend of professional expertise with a genuine love for animals truly sets the clinic apart. They offer specialized services like dog dental work, showcasing their skill and dedication. Family Pet Clinic isn’t just a veterinary service; it’s a trusted partner in your pet’s health journey, ensuring they receive the best care in a warm and welcoming environment.


  • Dental Care for Pets
  • Emergency Pet Care
  • Chronic Illness Management
  • Personalized Treatment Plans
  • Post-Procedural Care and Guidance


9. CASE Animal Hospital

Address: 1400 N Burton Pl, Anaheim, CA
Phone: +1 657-999-1150

CASE Animal Hospital is dedicated to providing emergency and comprehensive care for pets. The hospital is noted for its state-of-the-art facilities and cleanliness, creating a welcoming environment for pets and owners. The staff’s professionalism and empathy are particularly commendable, especially during urgent situations. They offer thoughtful advice and show a deep understanding of pet owners’ emotional and financial challenges.

While there are areas for improvement, particularly in communication and cost management, the overall impression is of a committed team. The hospital’s readiness to handle urgent cases and follow-up care highlights its commitment to animal welfare. This balance of care and professionalism makes CASE Animal Hospital a reliable choice for pet owners seeking quality emergency care for their beloved animals. Their service is a testament to such institutions’ vital role in supporting pets and their owners during challenging times.


  • 24/7 Emergency Care
  • Comprehensive Treatment Options
  • Professional and Compassionate Staff
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities
  • Follow-up Care and Advice



As the sun sets over Anaheim, it’s comforting to know that the city’s emergency vets are there, unwavering in their commitment to our pets. These clinics are more than just medical facilities; they are sanctuaries of hope and healing in times of distress. With each emergency call, they reaffirm their dedication to the well-being of our beloved companions. The data is heartening: thousands of pets find solace and recovery each year within their walls.

These top 9 best emergency vets in Anaheim are not just service providers; they are the silent heroes in the narrative of our pets’ lives. Their doors never close, their lights dim, and their compassionate care wanes. They stand as beacons of hope, ensuring that we are not alone in our moments of panic and fear. Anaheim’s emergency vets are the guardians of our peace of mind and the unsung heroes in the lives of our cherished pets.