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Top 8 Best Vets in Dallas, TX

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Best Vets in Dallas

Are you looking for the best vets in Dallas? Dallas is a beautiful city in Texas where people love to have pets and treat them as family members. Most people love to have cats and dogs as pets, but other pets are also found at some people’s places in Dallas. 

According to, Dallas, Texas, is second in America’s top 10 pet-friendly cities. About 78% of rental listings allow pets in Dallas, just below Austin, with 80% allowing pets. This shows that the environment for pets in Dallas is very suitable, so people love having four-legged loved ones in their homes.


As Dallas allows people to have pets, pet vet problems are also present; many veterinaries provide their services to pets in this city, which ultimately confuses pet owners in finding the best one for their loved ones. We have taken a deep look into this matter, interviewed the customers of the vet clinics, collected reviews from Google, yelp, and other online and social media sites, and prepared a list of the top 8 best vets in Dallas for you.


1. Dallas Animal Urgent Care

Address: 12835 Preston Rd. Suite 405, Dallas, TX
Phone: 972-910-2890

Dallas Animal Urgent Care is a full-service clinic providing same-day services in Dallas and nearby areas, with many positive feedback and trust assurance factors. This clinic was founded by professional veterans who believe treating a four-legged pet on the same day is far more effective for the pet’s care. They are best in general care, surgical treatment, diagnostic medicine, and urgent care, and they have a team of well-experienced professionals who are well-equipped. They are not 24-hour service providers nor an emergency service overnight. If your pet is in an emergency, visit the nearest emergency vet. It is open every day from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.


The Dallas Animal Urgent Care team fully has a brand-new equipment facility. They provide professional customer education services to help your pet better at home. By visiting this clinic, you will get the care and treatment on the same day, reducing the expense of visiting the clinic the next day. Besides, it also gives you satisfaction as your pet is examined and treated on the same day. Their services are of high quality; we recommend you visit this wonderful place to care for and treat your pet in Dallas.



  • Examinations and checkups
  • Vaccinations
  • Surgical care and treatment with high-quality pieces of equipment
  • Testing in the laboratory, including the testing of heartworm
  • X-rays and other diagnostics and care
  • Treatment for common illnesses and injuries of cats and dogs
  • Urgent treatment when the condition of the pet is not life-threatening


2. Holt Veterinary Clinic

Address: 5619 SMU Blvd Dallas, TX
Phone: (972) 863-0668

Holt Veterinary Clinic has been serving the people of Dallas and nearby places with its high-quality services and care for more than 75 years now. They have a well-experienced and passionate team with positive feedback from their previous and regular customers and visitors. All are very professional in treating pets better with experience, modern techniques, and equipment. They care for and treat your four-legged cutie as their own and feel proud to be a team member of your pet family.


The Holt Veterinary Clinic is a full-service hospital but not a 24-hour. They take preventive care and diagnostics as critical factors for ensuring your pet’s long life and a healthier and happier life. As full-service veterinarians, they provide high-quality testing and diagnostics, which leads to better care and treatment for your pet. By observing all this, we recommend our readers visit this professional clinic for better vet services in Dallas and around.



  • Wellness exams and preventive care
  • Early detection by diagnostics and testing 
  • The full array of advanced services with a professional team
  • Pet boarding and spa with an amicable and professional team
  • Emergency medical care
  • From routine to advanced surgical procedures and services


3. Northwood Veterinary Clinic

Address: 13949 Peyton Dr, Dallas, TX
Phone:  972-233-8161

A Northwood veterinary clinic is a complete care vet clinic in the neighbourhood of Dallas, providing quality services to the pet owners of Dallas and other areas around it. The clinic has been running for better care and treatment of pets for more than 45 years with a very professional vet team that is also well-experienced. In case of emergency, they provide their after-hour services to their clients. Dr. Joseph Chase and their doctors constantly strive to help your pet feel better, healthier, and happier.

You can fill out the online form available at their site for the appointment. Also, you can buy medicine from their online store by visiting their official website, which is mentioned below in the contact and location tab. 

The types of pets this clinic offers to be examined and treated include cats, dogs, pocket pets, and rabbits. You can visit Northwood Veterinary Clinic for your pet’s healthcare without hesitation.



  • Emergency and urgent care services even after the appointments are complete. 
  • Exotic animal services
  • Complete physical exams and checkups
  • Drop off, fleas and ticks services
  • Medicine and surgical services
  • Nutritional advice and personal services 
  • Pet emergency, health, and insurance.


4. Reading

2535 Cedar Springs Rd, Dallas, TX
Phone: 469-369-2456


Reading is a full-service clinic that helps your pet feel better in case of any health issues by visiting the pet at your place. The Readivet team is professional and well-equipped to serve you without travelling to the clinic. You need to contact the veterinarian team by phone and SMS, and their team will visit your pet’s place and treat the pet at his place. It reduces the stress factor of carrying an unhealthy pet to the clinic. When driving your four-legged to the clinic also saves you time and money.


Reading assures you of the best quality services with a well-experienced and professional team of veterinarians. You can call them to get guidance and discuss your pet’s health problem with one of their team members. They will then visit the pet for examination and treatment. If the problem is more serious, like surgery or X-rays, their team will take your pet to the clinic for better treatment and care.



  • At-Home Euthanasia services for pets
  • Bordetella vaccination
  • Dental cleaning, extractions, and X-rays 
  • Physical exam and preventive medication
  • Mobile vets and online pharmacy
  • Emergency services


5. Midway Road Animal Clinic

Address: 12700 Midway Road Suite #106 Dallas, TX
Phone: 972-233-5170

Dr. Fred A. Williams started the Midway Road Animal Clinic in 1974, and he is still part of their veteran’s team, which adds a lot of experience to it. Dr. Fred created this clinic to care for pets for the people of Dallas at a reasonable price, and it still provides its high-quality service in an affordable range. The team of this clinic is very customer-friendly, and they treat your pet as if it were theirs.


It is a full-service clinic serving the people of Dallas and pet lovers around the area for more than 45 years. They also deal with emergencies very professionally in their office timing. They have upgraded instruments and remodelled facilities for the best experience with the pet in the lab or during any other care and treatment. The range of the clinic’s services is extensive, from regular exams and checkups to severe surgical procedures.


  • Routine wellness exams, vaccinations, and parasite prevention
  • Both house and online pharmacies and food
  • Routine surgery and laser therapy
  • Ultrasound, X-rays, and allergies treatment
  • Diagnostic testing and dental care
  • New puppy/kitten care and Geriatric counselling
  • Boarding, drop-off services, and client education


6. Vickery Place Animal Hospital

Address: 2720 N. Henderson Avenue, Dallas, TX
Phone: 214-252-0800

Vickery Place Animal Hospital is one of the best vets in Dallas and nearby places, serving for more than 16 years with compassion and exceptional individual care. The standard of the services at the hospital is maintained on a priority basis. The comprehensive range of services includes wellness, surgical process, and dental care. The main focus of the services is soft tissue surgery and orthopedics. They treat your pet as their own with guidance about nutrition and health tips for the future.


The hospital provides after-hours services to clients. They have a veterinary emergency group that is very experienced and professional. The clinic is the best option for your pet’s health and treatment in Dallas and nearby places.



  • Surgical procedures and treatment 
  • Wellness exam and preventive care
  • Complete in-house lab testing for pets
  • Internal medicine and care for pets
  • Dental cleaning and dental care 
  • Ultrasonography and radiology


7. Cornerstone Animal Clinic


Address: 11909 Preston Road, Suite 1456 Dallas, Texas
Phone: 972-385-3555


Cornerstone Animal Clinic is a full-service animal hospital that provides services from routine wellness visits and surgeries to dental care and cleanings. It is updated in technology and treatment strategies and continuously improves daily. The team of doctors is well-experienced and has worked to make the lives of pets happier and better in Dallas and surrounding areas. They have a pet education routine for their clients and nutrition tips for the health and fitness of the pet.


The veterinarians at Cornerstone Animal Clinic are fully prepared to deal with emergencies with high-quality services. They have good experience dealing with your furry friends in an emergency. However, they are unavailable after hours, but if you have an emergency after hours, they have an extension in the form of Medvet Dallas, and their team of doctors will provide follow-up care as needed. 


  • Routine checkups, wellness examinations, and consultation
  • Diagnostic tests for dogs and cats 
  • Surgeries, including principal and minor surgeries. 
  • Laser therapy and laser surgery
  • Digital radiology, ultrasound, and vaccinations
  • Allergy testing and treatment
  • Nutritional counselling and prescription of diet
  • Client education and pet boarding
  • Comprehensive dental care
  • Sanitary clips, medicated baths, and pet boutique


8. Casa Linda Animal Clinic

Address: 11434 Garland Rd Dallas, TX
Phone:  469-643-3288

Casa Linda Animal Clinic has been serving the people of Dallas and nearby places since 1945. It is a full-service animal clinic with high-quality services and a compassionate, professional, and friendly staff of doctors. They have provided comprehensive care, boarding, urgent care, and grooming of pets in Dallas and beyond.

They treat the pet with complete care and treat him as their own. As a full-service clinic, they offer state-of-the-art diagnostic and testing, wellness exams, surgeries, and many other services. They consider preventive care and wellness exams critical to your furry friends’ health, happiness, and long life. The Casa Linda animal clinic practices belong to the American Veterinary Medical Association, the American Association of Feline Medical Practitioners, and the Texas Veterinary Association.

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  • A full array of advanced care in various disciplines
  • Regular wellness exams and preventive care
  • Testing and diagnosis
  • Surgical procedures, including minor and major surgeries
  • Urgent care serrvices
  • Pet boarding by a professional team
  • Grooming by a growing specialist team




Dallas has a pet-loving environment, and many people have pets. We have researched and found the top 8 best vets in Dallas that you can visit if you have a pet with any health issue or injury. They all are best with a difference in services. We help our regular readers find the best vets in different states of America, which is helpful if they move from one to another with their furry friend. You can visit our website regularly to find the best vets in different states of America.